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For years Fairfield Studios has equipped and facilitated countless outside productions of all sizes. Not only do we have access to the gear that top productions are looking for, we have the local talent pool of contractors to fill every position for production. We are the largest production company in North Louisiana. Whatever you're looking for, 

So,Give us a shout first. We can help kick your production into high gear.

When the location says _you can't unload
One of the crazier lighting setups of la


Fairfield Studios has a 1,400 Sq Ft black box studio that can be adapted for anything from set builds to music concert events.  We have in-house lighting, camera and sound support, plus backdrops like chroma key and seamless white.


Fairfield Studios can augment its in house grip inventory with local partners to support any size productions.  Our team has robust experience with feature film and television production support.

Just provide us with your requirements, and we will get them

sourced.  We also have space for staging and organizing your equipment.

Vocal Booth Option 2.png


Our isolation booth has supported feature films like Avatar, television shows like Family Guy, plus a wide range of voice over and music work.  We have the capability to patch in the director via Skype or other online services.

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