Pricing Guide

Thank you for considering Fairfield Studios for your video production needs. Below we break down the individual cost factors for our production services. We can also source crew and equipment for traditional productions as well. This will give you a ballpark idea of the cost for budgeting. We will provide a detailed estimate for all projects, based on your requirements and budget.


Single Camera Operator Half Day 3 hours or less, anything over billed as full day. 1 Camera Operator with Lighting & Grip Package $500
Single Camera Operator Full Day 1 Camera operator with Camera & Lighting Package $850
Two Person Team 1 Producer, 1 Camera Operator, Camera & Lighting Package $1,100
Full Production Team Our full award-winning team, Camera & Lighting Package $1,900

Post Production

Motion Graphics Package Development $300-$650
Advanced Editing - VFX/Sound Design $1,350-$2,500 per project
Basic Editing $200-$1,300 per project

Advanced Options

  • Cinema Cameras

    (RED Gemini 6k, Arri, etc)


  • Hair & Makeup

    Professional TV & film artist to make you look your best.

    $300-$800 per day

  • Actors & Voice Talent

    Presenters, extras, an supporting roles

    $100-$850 per day

  • Live Stream

    Add live stream to a Fairfield production package – multi cam with graphics.


Additional Factors

Other factors to consider are location costs, travel, props and wardrobe where applicable. Mileage, Hotels, and per diem billed at standard federal travel rates.

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