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Visual Film Media is what we do. It’s who we are, how we see the world, in a blazing Technicolor supernova of high speed content creation. Our team of collaborative content creation gurus is set to do anything and everything at your command. Your craziest, most imaginative concepts are what fuel the creative forges in our hearts, keeping us up at night bursting with new ideas. Bring us your visions, your projects, your barest hints of a concept and let us play too. We guarantee you’ll love what you see. We’re Fairfield Studios, let’s make something amazing. These five fellows are the heart of Fairfield Studios.  Through them, just about anything is possible. Cue the epic choir voices.


Video Producer

As an orphan child in the deserts of Tatooine, Clint came across an old wizard who told him about the mystical power of the….. wait.  No, Clint is not a Jedi, but he is the lead producer at Fairfield Studios. Over the past ten years, he has assembled a rag-tag team of production wizards whom have transformed Fairfield Studios into a hub of creativity.  Clint has truly unique background with experience in business, military service, and foreign relations experience in over 20 countries. Coupled with his unique creative approach to production, he has a keen ability to connect with clients and truly understand their perspective and needs and resource management needed.  This has propelled Fairfield productions to adapt to a multitude of production styles, each acutely matched to the needs of the client. Learning the ways of the Force with top talent and studios including James Woods, Seth MacFarlane, James Cameron, ILM and Disney, Clint believes in surrounding himself with the best talents in the southern region to ensure that a Fairfield Production is nothing short of the best, based on time and budget.

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Video Producer

After a near death experience destroying the one ring at Mordor and saving Middle Earth, he sailed to the faraway land of the United States to become a video guru.  No, John is not really Frodo Baggins, but he has the same determination when it comes to getting the job done right. With twenty years of experience in stage, screen, television and film; John knows just about every facet of production.   From showrunning award winning Television content to directing, production coordination and editing of film, docuseries and documentaries, his wisdom is invaluable when it comes to creating the best content for Fairfield Clients. While he has not traveled to Mordor, he has lived and worked in markets across the states and in Spain and the Ukraine along with studios that include Warner Brothers, HBO, A&E and many more.  Working with some of the top directors and actors in the industry (Oliver Stone, William Joyce, Josh Brolin and more), John has refined his approach to getting the most out of every second of the filming process in performance and story. He expects and demands nothing but the very best, and it shows in every production.

Video Producer

While traveling through time and the youngest Time Lord in the group, Alec McCommon and his traveling companions have spent years righting wrongs and fixing time with timey wimey adventures and lots of robots.  While not from Galefrey, Alec has traveled the ins and outs of the industry and has a history of creating unique solutions to shoots. As the youngest and oldest member of Fairfield Studios, Alec sees the world in a myriad of colors and his design background has led to award winning GFX packages and lighting setups.  His gaffing work being a feature in the Miss USA 2018 show with all of the pre-recorded material. With a background in managing a team and the youngest lead in video production for top marketing firms, his storytelling and design is always on point to the message, providing unique solutions to some of the toughest shoots, including shooting flying cars.  Yes flying cars! Only a Time Lord could pull that off.

Editor / Colorist

After fulfilling his life debt to Han Solo, he became free to pursue his passion to be the leading Wookie in film production.  Joey “Chewy” Barto is a connoisseur of all things film and production. Not only a creative mastermind, he has a staggering technical knowledge of production and post production, camera and color.  This makes him a powerful tool in the production arsenal and his work is the most visible element of Fairfield Productions. With experience on set, behind the scenes, visual effects and in the edit bay; Joey’s leadership in post production puts Fairfield alongside the very best.

Marketing Intern

He's trying his best.

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