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McChambers Producer/Director Team

When the location says _you can't unload
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John Chambers and Clint McCommon have been producing creative video content for over a decade.  Their experience expands from television commercials to music videos to feature documentary work.

The two create unique productions that garner great results for their marketing clients, winning awards on the regional and national level.


Based out of Shreveport, Louisiana, running the region's leading studio, Fairfield Studios, the majority of their work centers in the Southern United States.  The goal is to expand to a national base of work with growing client budgets to push the boundaries of their creative efforts.


Their script to screen creative work falls under Fairfield Studios, but they have worked for some of the largest brands and networks in the country at various levels.  Experienced in coordinating crew and equipment for television and major marketing productions, they have established a large network of partners for production and post production.


These unique abilities allow them to scale small, but provide big results.  Providing a lower overhead with their main studio based in the South, they are able to push budgets to maximize production and are more affordable to travel in than most local hires. Sharing creative work as producers, Chambers and McCommon split between directing and cinematography during production and are proven story editors.


Their strongest priority is in collaborations, capitalizing on the talent of their team to create the right video for their client.

McChambers pride themselves in not having a locked in style, but instead, tailoring their work to best fit their client's message, vision, and production.

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